Are All Psychics Fake? ‘Medium’ Leigh Catherine agrees to take the $1M Randi Challenge

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50 Responses to “Are All Psychics Fake? ‘Medium’ Leigh Catherine agrees to take the $1M Randi Challenge”

  1. yvettegr says:

    I haven’t read all the responses, but think it should be noted that she
    ultimately refused to take Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge, I guess it was
    too sciency and she thought she would fail it, which she would have. 

  2. Shato Nyruami says:

    as Tim Minchin said:
    If you can show me one example in the history of the world, where a single
    psychic under reasonable experimental conditions was able to proof that he
    could read minds…..

    I give you my piano, one of my legs….

    and my wife

  3. Jesus Christ says:

    You dont have to believe or guess what the truth of life is you can know.
    You can know for the first time what is true and what is BS. Google *Truth
    contest* and click the first link. This is truth you can and should check
    for yourself. 

  4. AirSandFire says:

    “Are All Psychics Fake?” – Interesting question. Let me put a few other
    interesting questions out there: “Is magic real?” – “Do witches fly on
    broomsticks?” – “Can wizards cast fireballs?” –
    These are the questions we should be asking in the 21st century!

  5. ares wargod says:

    can i say that i my self am a Medium NOT psychic there is a difference and
    i will be the 1st to admit that there are fakes out there but not all of us
    are I am 100% real i have been at my spiritualist church for about 8 months
    now i have witnessed some amazing things and give a fair few readings my
    self all for free as i dont believe in charging.
    about 2 months in at my church we had a fledgling night where all the
    groups at my church (there about 7-8 groups that at at my church all
    running on different nights and in different rooms) and on these night
    where we all meet up 2-3 people are picked from each group to stand up at
    the front and give a message and one of the lady’s who was ment to be doing
    so from my group did not show up so somehow I got chosen to take her place.
    i get to the platform heart pounding as i have never done anything like
    this before but as soon as my foot touched that platform and i turned to
    face the crowd i felt a sudden carm and I was able to give a message to a
    women i have never met before in my life she was a Indian lady and i
    brought thought her father and part of the message i gave was in Hindi Now
    THE ONLY Hindi i know is how to say hello and my name is . now if we are
    all fakes then how was I able to do this ??
    i would never make anything up in a reading ever as its wrong to do so and
    not fair on the person that has come to see you.
    i do 100% understand that not everyone believes in us (mediums) and i would
    never try to force anyone to change there mind i will however invite a non
    believer down to my church and see what it is like. 

  6. Molineux88 says:

    Utter fucking scam artists. Utterly embarrassing, deluded, criminal scum.
    Parasites. Talking complete shite trying to sound educated and
    intellectual. Vermin. Lowest form of criminals.

  7. SincereDoper says:

    Anybody who thinks psychics are real are actually fucking retarded. People
    have explained how it is done and then gone on to do fake readings that
    seem like the real deal right after.

    Psychics love to say things like “they say they love you and everything is
    going to be alright.” Now imagine you were dead and contacted by someone
    who was living and you could tell your loved one anything you wanted, would
    you hit them with that generic bullshit or would you want them to know it
    was really you by telling them something only the 2 of you would know?

    I guess as long as there are people with no common sense there will be a
    psychic getting a paycheck.

  8. Robert Floyd says:

    Well, I wouldn’t pay her for a “reading” but I would pay her for a

  9. John Red says:

    How can these people even get away with it? Here we have this psychic going
    ”others may be scams, but I am not! I will prove it and take the 1 million
    challenge”. Years later no one has even fucking heard from her again. Of
    course she didn’t get the 1 million, doubt she even took the challenge
    because she knows she’s talking bullshit.

  10. Jared Carter says:

    im not sure what i believe but its funny how the guy who is skeptical is so
    arrogant and rude. You dont have to believe but why be a dick about it !!!

  11. kakashi76767 says:

    Why didn’t the “psychics” warn us about 9-11? They didn’t want to spoil
    the surprise? LOL Fuck these con artists….

  12. tennisdude52278 says:

    This woman is so full of shit.

  13. eb4572 says:

    Are Psychics are not fake, but I do believe that this lady is fake. She is
    too uncomfortable.

  14. Native Akkadean says:

    Paul’s the answers to your crap reading :
    *make friends easy* – no,
    *keep things bottle up/few friends* – yes,
    *recently betrayed* – hell no.. ,
    *an older man I associate with B?* – yeah yourself for BULLSHIT, or Bo
    obviously doesn’t know jack!
    *an old man in the family with pain at the back of the chest* – dude wtf
    are you talking about?,
    *he does sumthin to make me laugh* – ….. (you’re an idiot),
    *generally outgoing, make friends easy* – you just said that dumb ass, no.
    *you are sociable but blah blah blah* – everybody feels that! That is so
    *scar on the left leg* – i have long ass burn from an hot iron on my leg,
    no small scar you’re way off still.. AND vague, anyone can have a random
    small scar on their body as a kid stupid.
    *reoccuring about water-drowning/escalators/flying?* WTF!?! Which one is
    dude.. that was the worse question of them all cus YOU didn’t even know
    what you were asking!!

    Paul Zenon you’re accuracy is probably about 10-15% percent.. NO psychic
    skill at all. You’re just a mad upset out of work magician cause there’s
    too much competition you just gave up cus your old and suffering from ED.
    That’s my reading on you buddy.

  15. Russ Browne says:

    Albert Einstein wrote the forward to Upton Sinclair’s 1930’s book ‘Mental
    Radio” , Einstein said the integrity of Upton Sinclair is unquestionable.
    ESP is quite real, it is one of the greatest challenges for physics to
    understand it. See Dean Radin from the Noetics Institute – entangled minds
    – on the web.

  16. Roger Hornaday says:

    If an athlete stumbled, or a musician hit a false note as frequently as
    “psychics” failed at demonstrating their ability, that athlete and that
    musician would be forced to get a day job. 

  17. Brendan Smith says:

    Did anyone else notice her posture and behavior when this magician starting
    talking about the secrets of the trade? She literally locked her body into
    a rigid stance, only glancing left and right. He is nervous and thinking
    about her next move. Check the rapid nature of her breathing. You can
    easily view her chest rising and falling in the same way a nervous person
    would behave. Only when it was her turn to speak did she loosen her
    gestures. She told this magician to be quite, even thought she is
    dominating the allotted time of the interview. She waves her finger at him
    as well to tell him to be quite. And he obliges in all cases. Part of
    winning an argument is dominating the conversation. She leans forward, a
    general posture that designates confidence, when she believes that she has
    these interviewers on the hook. While she makes certain claims, she opens
    her hands. This is a standard means of convincing others of honesty. It can
    denote trust. She lays her hand on his arm to prevent him from speaking. A
    sign of restraint. The employment of of her exaggerated moves are a means
    to skip of the subject of cold or hot reading to make it seem ridiculous
    and jump over the matter. She claims that she turns to the right and looks
    down when giving a reading. She knows that her body language has been
    called out before. Looking to the left and down are old school behaviors
    that are often associated with deception. During interviews, most police
    officers use observation of this gesture as a tactic to determine possible
    deception. She also admits there there are fake mediums, but she is not
    one. She grants claim to her credence as a legitimate psychic buy busting a
    fake. Everything about her is just fake. 

  18. snakemansnakes Eaton says:

    where is the follow up to this medium agreeing to take the challenge? Did
    she or didn’t she? 

  19. SocialjusticeWorrier says:

    Hatchet faced bitch knowing that she is a complete fraud that gives very
    vulnerable people a bucket load of bullshit for a large fee, what a
    disgusting human being you are you fucking whore. I really hope they follow
    up on this James Randi challenge and film it to show what a Charlatan she
    really is. 

  20. zero49 says:

    Paul didn’t get one thing right about me but I guess everyone is different.
    And sometimes these debunkers of psychicry are really psychics themselves.
    Whether they know it or not, I don’t know. James Randi is a psychic is my

    He’s also a pedophile. He’s protected by high-level elite people which is
    why he keeps getting away with it. There have been many kids who came
    forward with no success to put that monster behind bars. So why even take
    his challenge. The guy is a fraud and a criminal.

    I also have to say the girl is pretty rude. She keeps telling Paul to let
    her talk without interruption because she let him talk without interrupting
    him. But she seems to go on forever. So Paul should cut her off if he’s
    been sitting there for 10 minutes with her babbling on forever.

  21. Michael Radford says:

    A stupid magician trying to con people he kn0ws about being a medium he is
    just thick ,if he has a reading himself he may have other ideas . I had a
    reading off my wife who answered questions i had asked her since she died
    /no medium could have known other than getting it from spirit ,also she had
    taken my ring off the table / that magician rabbits on about prove it . I
    had a second reading put on c/d which 3 ladies and a ,man came through
    recognised by the messages who was my wife her sister my mother and my
    brother messages from spirit and a third reading also put on c/d was my
    father who had met his son my brother / and my mother also came through
    mentioning all her sisters and brothers who were there with her in spirit
    . I would stand by any medium as I have never found one to be wrong only
    stupid skeptics unwilling to believe or have a reading ( shouting prove
    it ) they should prove otherwise many have readings off their relatives
    and recognise who they are . I am not a medium but have seen family spirit
    including my wife and my mother but would not go to see a stupid magcian
    pretending he knows about mediums .a magitian expects people to believe he
    went to a event on mediumship not for a reading only looking for proof of
    fraud and earphones does he not realise how stupid that seems , <3


  22. Skunky Bomont says:

    That dreadful bitch knows she can barely communicate with humans, yet alone
    to converse with the after-life. She even says how there are many people
    faking being psychic with a straight poker face. She is a liar and if she
    keeps on with the scam deserves to be punished for preying upon the weak
    and desperate who will keep shoveling out their money in exchange for the
    comfort in hearing what they want to hear. Some people will literally pay
    all they have saved in their lifetime in exchange for closure with a passed
    loved one.

  23. Omnisense says:

    I have a different perspective that may piss off both sides of this
    argument… Just a theory I have based on my first hand experience with
    such things
    Transhumanism technology is behind some of if not all of the most accurate
    psychics. Psychics are real but the human soul does not possess the true
    ability to speak to the dead or . However with technology a soul can be
    immersed in a virtual reality while talking to a psychic via electronic

    I realize it is a stretch in people’s eyes. But some facts are stranger
    than fiction, and there are dark sources out there manipulating new agers.
    It is a form of mind control in ways. Even if someone is a psychic, they
    are extremely vulnerable to mind control because they can just create the
    electromagnetic energetics within the mind to manipulate actions done by
    the “psychic”.

    I dont have all the answers. I cant say if people are truly psychic or
    not. But i can say with 100% truth due to first hand experiences that
    being ‘psychic’ can be reproduced with technology… Don’t lynch me both
    sides. I’ve effectively alienated myself from both the left and right
    brained thinkers lol. Anyone good and balanced?

  24. stephencarlsbad says:

    A study was done at a university in the US where a psychic’s abilities were
    verified by a certified professor (new mexico university or an adjacent
    Secondly, randi is nothing more than a witch hunter. He’s more obsessed
    with disproving instead of truth seeking which makes him untrustworthy and
    unreliable. Further, I doubt his test is set up to prove anything.

  25. beastshawnee says:

    She wouldn’t even look at the skeptic…her body language said it all. She
    felt under threat. She even reached her hand out to control him.
    LOL…the only time she looked at him was when he was cold reading and
    then it was side glances. She never once turned her head or body toward

  26. vintasalo says:

    If you can think it; it is a possibility

  27. 老毛 Mao ZeDong says:

    49% of the US believe that the Earth is 6000 years old and 75% believes
    that angels are real. I think we need to stop believing what the majority
    of the americans believe in. After all we do know the 70% of Americans who
    believed Saddam had WMD are wrong.

  28. Fortstorm says:

    60%!? Where’d they get that number? The US census? Or 60% of the Fox News
    audience or something?

  29. Rudolf Droberjár says:

    It seems that people need a dogma and skeptics often use (and even
    misinterpret) science as their dogma to guide them through life. However,
    science works with probabilities and loves big data. Claimed supernatural
    phenomena lack a rich amount of data and as mentioned, are often not
    repeatable or reproducible (the two terms have a bit different meaning).
    They also pose a threat to individual or collective reputation and through
    the stigma of pseudoscience they dont have many funding options. So even if
    psychic powers and supernatural phenomena are real, they are likely to be
    ignored by scientists and organisations because of the reasons stated
    above. We should thank the scientific method for the sophisticated world we
    live in, yet also keep in mind that many great discoveries that changed the
    world were done outside of it.

  30. Drax The Knower says:

    I met a “psychic lady” through my wife, well the lady claimed the was
    psychic and a healer, she fixed my wife’s arm which had circulatory issues
    with the blood flow in which a specialist couldn’t even fix but this lady
    fixed the problem.
    When I met her, the lady would finish my sentences for me which was spooky
    as fuck but that is the only experience Ive had.

  31. Jack Skiezo says:

    60% of americans believe psychic power is real? Damn Americans are retarded

  32. dreamlandnightmare says:

    Before watching this video, I posted a comment in which the final word I
    used in the message was “bunkum.” In the video, the final word used in the
    piece about psychic phenomena is “bunk.” I must be psychic!

    A lot of phenomena attributed to psychic ability is merely disturbing
    evidence of how much humans think/behave alike and in predictable patterns.

  33. Ramon Serrano says:

    This page seems more like Stuff They DO Want You To Know..
    Now that shirt; If this vague ass program is supposed to be some sort of
    free-information free-thinking kinda thing, then why would I wear a shirt
    with a fixed snake eye on it, and the two pillars, which is Freemason
    symbolism. Basically it represents a gateway into the “Holy” land as seen
    in many high profile white man places.. It more deeply represents the
    joining of two (A and B, Man and Woman, the Heavens and Earth) to create
    the perfect man.. its sorta like ying and yang.. anyway.. Its of this
    World. Its the Devil.

    That is why I will not be buying your wack ass shirt and joining your wack
    ass “Illumination Global Unlimited” team hmmmmmmm… Yea im good. lol

  34. SANTA CLAUS says:

    Why don’t i see those white dried out dog turds around anymore? So many

  35. Steven P says:

    You have nearly EVERY single person in the entire country with a cell
    phone. If psychic powers were real, there’d be far more evidence of its
    existence. People would photograph it, record it, it would be EVERYWHERE.
    Thought-provoking video none-the-less!

  36. Lameawsome says:

    Well psychic powers are very real, because I have them, but telekinesis and
    stuff like that I’m not sure about, I haven’t met anyone on earth that can
    do shit like that 

  37. Max Amps says:

    Yes It’s maybe real US are jealous about psychic Russians spies. so US
    formed “Project Stargate” -Google it.

  38. hypervoraxg96 says:

    60% of americans are retard ,don’t ask why the USA do shit

  39. Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - HowStuffWorks says:

    60% of Americans believe in psychic powers. What about you?

  40. Cherry Voodoo says:

    I think it may be possible – but amongst all of the other physical and
    conscious forces in the universe it’s very difficult to say that it could
    have any significant impact on future events. I mean, “gut instinct” has
    been around for ages – it could be caused by anything. The ability to have
    psychic power over physical elements is even more of a stretch – there was
    a study done where people seemed to be able to persuade falling metal beads
    to deviate from a “random” pattern, but again, the occurrence was so small,
    and the study itself was conducted under negligible standards.

  41. Armookie says:

    Oh it’s real! So very real and yes mainstream government don’t want people
    to know the truth. Science can’t explain it or prove it. Not because they
    can’t, but because our governments wont let them report or disclose without
    the government’s agreement. Don’t beleive me then think about this! The
    armed forces and intelligence learn everything before we do. Why? Because
    they have their own scientists and they suppress what our scientists do and
    discover. It’s a battle that we as the public are at least 20 years behind
    with regarding anything the military, secret services and intelligence know
    and have. They can easily manipulate our scientists and their research and
    give false and miss reading results. 

  42. Plague Sage says:

    Thousands of years ago…. man found some weird mushrooms. The rest is

  43. TheSpongeyFrog says:

    Don’t put this on 0.5 speed…Bloody Hell.

  44. Lloyd Cloer says:

    The Wheeler experiment shows that quantum events can travel back in time.
    What makes you such a master of the universe to say such things can’t
    happen on a more complex scale?

  45. David Steers says:

    The entire physical universe is only thought energy manifesting itself..
    your pineal gland is so toxified from tap water that we are lucky that we
    can hear our own voices inside our head. Much less pick up on anything else

  46. TankMan19441 says:

    I used to think about an episode of a TV series and then sure enough, that
    same episode would be on within 3 days. I am very good at predicting
    people’s thoughts, sort of reading their minds, and for some reason,
    whenever I walk down a dark alley way, a light will always turn off
    whenever I get within 20 metres of it. 

  47. ImmortalCataphract says:

    I dont know if psychic powers exist. What I know is that twice I
    experienced a “psychic” event. First time, I heard an explosion in my
    dream, then I saw that a fire broke out in the appartment building I live
    in and I saw a very detailed view of the fire coming up to the sky in front
    of my balcony. The next night, while I was awake, I heard the same
    explosion and then saw in the balcony the same pillar of fire going up. A
    car had exploded in the parking. Second psychic event was when I saw in a
    dream that my aunt passed away. Next morning I received a phone call. They
    informed me that my aunt had died from a heart attack.

    I seriously dont know how to explain all these. But I am pretty sure that
    no scientist can persuade me that those dreams were pure luck.

  48. ı ąɱ ą ʂῳɛɖɛ says:

    I can see auras and feel when spirits are around me.
    My mom have the same.

  49. Scott Ballantine says:

    The government research on psychic powers doesn’t stop there, they are more
    focused on how it is influenced by spirituality and the works of the
    chakras, being a spiritual believer, i can tell you that they are indeed
    real, as earth used to inhabit gods, who could create anything in an
    instant out of thin air, or travel through dimension with frequencies, i am
    new to the subject, but i have seen results greater than anything normal,
    such as healing with the mind, or communicating with my dog telepathically,
    or astral projecting. This is the opinion from a true believer and
    controller of their own future, whether you believe it or not, everything
    is created from the flower of life, the form of all sacred geometry,
    created by nothing but consciousness, we can shape our reality, many
    disbelieve this because they are not seeing any results, because they do
    not believe and because we live in the 3rd dimension, where the creation of
    things are much slower than the fourth dimension. There is no need to think
    that we will never see the 4th dimension, we are in fact close to the next
    parodime shift in which we will move to the 3rd level of consciousness
    (christ consciousness) and be gods of our own.

    +Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – HowStuffWorks This would be a great
    topic for one of your videos, about consciousness etc. If you want to
    research this, i suggest Spirit Science on YouTube

  50. IAN m says:

    When i was a kid i was playing at a beach with a friend and his family. My
    friend and i were throwing stones at each and i fell and broke my front
    teeth. I got back to my my grandmothers place and my Sister was really
    upset . My grandmother and her friend kept saying she said she knew
    something was wrong with me and was visibly upset. To this day she says she
    just knew something was wrong with me.

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