How To Develop and Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities

This is an informative video about psychic skills and how to gain a lot more clarity with your emotions and intuition. Subscribe to this channel and receive mor…
Video Rating: four / 5

Psychic Medium Jamie Clark offers insider secrets on how to produce your psychic skills. Read through Far more…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to “How To Develop and Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities”

  1. Tim Rubin Halcomb says:

    I’m looking for a psychic who can maybe tell a person about another life
    they lived. I think it has something to do with the way we get treated.
    Maybe in a previous life time I wasn’t a nice person, and I’d like to
    correct that.
    I am always open to improvement and criticism and absolutely have the
    desire to change and be a better human being in society. Can you help me?

  2. Allison Ranels says:

    How do I stop the intense anxiety? 

  3. WhiteHawkNative says:

    how do you live with it?
    mine are alil crazy 

  4. robert bradstreet says:

    It made me itchy and frigidity just watching her.

  5. Jorden Brown says:

    I respectfully disagree with most of this video. 

  6. Sue Sena says:

    Thank you so much dear angel. Its fruitful guidance.

  7. MuslimahX79 says:

    Thank you so much for the video … speaking about feelings and energies
    what does honey or honey bee mean to u?

  8. IsabelLovesIvan says:

    The planets are always doing stuff. She’s adorable.

  9. Fck It says:

    how do you protect yourself? or put your energy field of protection up.

  10. Ronda Johnson says:

    I detected a psychopath with my intuition. I don’t know about having
    psychic abilities, but I do believe that we were given our intuition for a
    reason, even going back to our ancestors, they used these things to detect
    bad people and to also tune into other people’s feelings.

  11. Melanthe Divine says:

    I’ve just found your videos and love them! It is so wonderful to see such
    a lovely lady touching so many lives! The more people that realise that we
    are all born Psychic, the better. As a Psychic Empath and Goddess Oracle
    myself, I’ve always been aware of my abilities and do try to encourage
    those I work with to find their own unique abilities, rather than
    continuing to have Psychic Readings. When we become aware of our own
    gifts, a whole new world opens up to us, it is truly amazing. Divine
    Blessings, Melanthe xxx

  12. Sunshine rose Girl says:

    I’ve had a dream over Christmas 2012 that a friend and myself pretended we
    were cousins

  13. Bunzypoo says:

    I can relate to feeling other people’s life experiences when being by them.

  14. Erika Young says:

    This video is really helpful. Thank you for sharing:)

  15. VanityVain1 says:

    Great video! Beautiful energy! Namaste!

  16. Patsy Foister says:


  17. ochgottnochma says:

    You have a really nice third eye!

  18. Damon Packer says:

    Look up what an empath is I’m a medium and even we’ll an empath but I just
    want to know how to strengthen being an empath 

  19. Agnieszka Berniak says:

    So happy to have found you- you answered some questions popping up in my
    thoughts lately- You are great! :)

  20. Ella Synarong says:

    This is very interesting and I am trying to be less frantic but it’s hard
    because I have ADHD and I’m very easily distracted.

  21. Jason Garcia says:

    Thank you for you.

  22. avalanche0891 says:

    Wow! You just said something that clicked so much for me, thank you! You
    said some people see, some people hear, but you feel. I have been so hard
    on myself because I feel so many emotions and energies, but I always
    thought I was supposed to develop the seeing and the hearing more than the is that not true? I’m not sure how to word my question. Just
    because I am not getting visions or hearing voices, that doesn’t mean that
    I’m not advancing in my spirituality? I am also having a hard time coping
    and dealing with anxiety that just comes out of nowhere when around other
    people. That has been there my whole life. I’ve actually only been able to
    go into public on a regular basis for about a decade. Until recently I
    always thought it was because I had social anxiety which is what the
    doctors told me, but now I know it’s because I feel other people’s energy
    so intensly that sometimes I can’t take being around so many of them. Also
    is there anything I can do to calm myself in these situations when I am
    feeling everyone’s energy at once? Does that just come with experience? Any
    advice would be most appreciated. Thanks so much!

  23. Gabriella P. says:

    I’m very grateful and blessed to have my twin flame help me in developing
    my psychic abilities:) I can read him very well. As I go out in public I
    notice that its easy for me to pick up on other energies whether good or
    bad. At home is where I feel most grounded. I also feel as though I am
    being channeled sometimes. I write a lot when I feel that way. This video
    made a lot of sense to me and I can definitely relate.:) What a bittersweet
    blessing this is!

  24. manzir hameer says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover developing your natural
    psychic abilities try *Enlarbo Pure Psychic Wizard* (do a search on google
    ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my neighbor got
    excellent results with it. 

  25. AngelStarCreations says:

    Yes, I will try and do consistent videos on the healing powers of different
    crystals. Thank you!

  26. archrigcraig says:

    Ever had a feeling something is going to happen and it does? Try to
    remember everything of that hunch for next time it does happen.

  27. Alice VanWay says:

    I have been paying attention to how the hunch came to me for over a year
    now and it really has helped me become intutive. A lot to learn!

  28. RandomlyBen says:

    What does hunches means??

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