Psychic Healing Surgery – Physical Body – 1/21/15 @ 12pm CST

Greetings Beautiful Souls, If you are watching a recording of this session, the focus of this session was a healing of the physical body. Each session address a whole being and also have a…

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4 Responses to “Psychic Healing Surgery – Physical Body – 1/21/15 @ 12pm CST”

  1. Eva Marquez says:

    Love and Light from my heart to yours!

  2. Atlantia Sovereign says:

    Is there a regular schedule of healing sessions that I can schedule before
    hand. I always miss them.

  3. Natasha Romas says:

    You have beautiful energy. I thank you for your service.
    I have been incredibly connected with the pleiadians after a near death
    experience 8 years ago. Some of the ambassadors representing these beings
    do not resonate with me. Your videos are wonderful. Your voice is a warm
    stream of light. You have a wonderful gift. It gives me courage to consider
    spreading my own energy.

  4. pleiadiantruth70x7 says:
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