Starting a Psychic or Energy Healing Business – PART I

Writer of YOU ARE PSYCHIC & EXTRAORDINARY PSYCHIC, and Director of the International College of Clairvoyance, Debra Lynne Katz, answers questions from a highly educated clairvoyant/healer …
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This is my very first HAND CHAKRA video. It is a fantastic 1 to learn, and it is a recommended 1st step before you consider numerous of my other video clips. This video or the Grounding component 1 video are great…
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27 Responses to “Starting a Psychic or Energy Healing Business – PART I”

  1. Sherri B says:

    Do you have any help with bookkeeping for a psychic business. I need help
    on how to record my sessions. and how to log commisions any help would be
    so good thank you so much

  2. ann prince says:

    There is no way an individual. Can train to be either psychic or a
    Medium. It is not a matter being a plumber or electrician at the basic
    level it is accessing the auric field of an individual. or as a Medium
    who are able to contact the Spirit Realm . Medium are born of. along with
    that comes the psychic sensitivity. Not every one in this world is able
    to be psychic or Mediumistic. (It is not up for grabs) Dr Felipe
    Oliviera of Sao Paulo has proved this over several years of studying the
    pineal gland and he has discovered that those who are Mediums have more
    Crystal in the pineal glands than non Mediums. these organic crystals as
    transceivers and transmitters to and from the Spirit Dimensions. 

  3. Robin Lenehan says:

    You’re smart, practical & obviously a hard worker with ethics!

    It’s your hard work that’s brought great things into your life! BRAVO!

    I wish you continued success! You are a very good soul.

    Best to you,

  4. BethanyGarbo says:

    Very informative, thank you!


    Thanks for this video! I love your You Are Psychic Book. Made such great
    tools available to me particularly when I didn’t really have thousands to
    spend on classes.

  6. Janno Kondrashev says:

    Great- thanks for your insights, Debra. I’m already smack dab in the middle
    of it all and this discussion is great to look into.

  7. Bestie Ever says:

    Hi I love the video but when I tried it I did not fell the energy on my
    When I moved my the tip of my finger and it was a little squeak on all is
    that supposed to happen?
    And if one of your fingers are hurt how do you heal them?
    And can you heal other people?

  8. CatfishHodges says:

    Eft and tat and something called the shen balancing technique. Mudras,
    And energy healing techniques. Each new aspect introducing something useful
    if not vital into my own tool belt of healing. I used your hand chakra
    technique and it seems these all fit together as pieces of a larger
    picture, that is one universal connection to source. I was neither a
    disbeliever or believer until I needed my own personal healing. Each one of
    these methods provided instant results in my case. Western medicine is not
    what it is cracked up to be. Also your own energetic way that you come
    across is very evident. You seem as an old soul to be brimming with so much
    happiness. I was drawn to that. I really enjoyed your lesson-a master in
    your own rite-Namaste

  9. OmgLoLw2gLuvUidkROFL says:

    I enjoyed, and thank you. I learned something new: Hand Chakras. Are
    there also foot chakras in the arch of your feet? 

  10. AdventureTiem:) says:

    I tried using this to heal my heart chakra but i didnt feel anything and i
    have also tried this numerous times and felt nothing whats wrong with me
    people in the comments sound like they got it on their first try please
    help me. Does age have something to do with it

  11. filyron says:

    Hello, Janet Wright!!!
    I am watching step by step all of your videos.
    I’m sorry to start writing comments later, not from the start.
    I’ll write comments every video from now on, and also other previous
    Thank you, so much!
    I feel much better! Actually I feel great!
    Can you please teach us how to see auras?
    It would be so much helpful!!!
    Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  12. Janet Wright Readings says:

    @cclementea Hi Cari! Thanks soooo much for the comment! It’s also great to
    hear that this video helped you. I’m excited that the videos are not only
    helping current clients, but also starting to help new people to find me.
    This is in large part to clients COMMENTING on the videos they like, so
    then youtube knows the videos are good. Yay! THANKS

  13. Janet Wright Readings says:

    Hi Georgina! I’m really glad you found me too! This is a foundational
    videos and a lot of my other videos build on this one. Being able to give
    yourself an energy healing is really helpful in being an empowered and
    robust person. Go Georgina!!!

  14. Janet Wright Readings says:

    Hi LuckyDuckyPeep! Thanks very much for your comment. Isn’t that cool to
    feel the energy w/your hands? Yes I think there’s hope for you! 😉 You can
    do it!

  15. Stephen Coote says:

    Interesting. Thank you.

  16. Caridad Clemente says:

    I have followed your directions with the hand chakras and found it useful.
    Thank you for your teachings.

  17. LuckyDuckyPeep says:

    Like Like Like! This was easy to follow and I actually felt the energy
    between my palms…this is the first time I have ever tried anything like
    this. Perhaps I will cure this short attention span, LOL!

  18. Janet Wright Readings says:

    @kozelomatic Awesome Kozelomatic! I’m glad you gave it a try. That’s pretty
    neat that you felt so much on just your first try. For those who need a
    translation, Kozelomatic used her hand chakra like shown in the video but
    instead of using it to heal her shoulder and arm, she put it in front of
    the center of her chest, her heart chakra. We will do that more in another
    video. Cool stuff. But for everyone else, even if you try the exercise and
    don’t feel it physically, it still is working

  19. Janet Wright Readings says:

    @telicia02 Thanks! I’m glad you gave it a try. 🙂

  20. Janet Wright Readings says:

    @ElisabethTreger Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you gave it a try
    and that it impacted you postively. This is the 1st one for the hand
    chakra. Someday there will be another but this might be the only hand
    chakra video for a bit. That’s true for any of the chakra videos. The first
    will always be part one, since I could go on and on about each chakra.

  21. Janet Wright Readings says:

    @janetwrightreadings Oh and if you “subscribe” to this youtube channel then
    you will be notified when each video comes out. It will be roughly once a
    week but the day might vary.

  22. kozelomatic says:

    Super cool Janet. I did a golden hand exercise on my heart chakra, and I
    felt some calming energy around my chest (I even felt my chest bone crack
    lol!). Great exercise.

  23. L. Jackson says:

    Great video and very informative.

  24. Elisabeth Treger says:

    I love the information. Your personal presentation using your own hands and
    energies to show the work are east to digest and apply to myself. The
    visual analogies are really help me realize how easily accessible we are to
    ourselves. My hands are so busy now! Thank you Janet! (where is the 1st one
    to that hand chakra video?)

  25. Janet Wright Readings says:

    Hi Stephen! Thanks very much for your comment. I’m glad you found the video
    interesting. I have 30 videos and this one is the first hand chakra one.
    There are many videos that I have that build upon this skill. If you have
    any questions about any of my videos feel free to post it and I will reply.
    I have an anti-spam protection on the videos so I need to log on and
    approve any comment for it to display. Thanks again!

  26. Georgina Wildcat says:

    I really enjoyed your video I am still learning glad I found you!

  27. Caridad Clemente says:

    Very instructive video, thanks, Janet, for your work. I´ ve been following
    your movements with the hands and found it really useful.

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