✔ Which Psychic Ability is Hidden inside You? (Personality Test)

Persona Quiz – What is your psychic potential? Do you have a paranormal electrical power? What’s your psychic power? What is your hidden paranormal capacity? Psychic T…

Paranatural documentary Psychic Powers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “✔ Which Psychic Ability is Hidden inside You? (Personality Test)”

  1. Dtavione Johnson says:

    I can read minds…. Actually that makes A LOT of sense, because when im
    talking with a group of people, im like “What did you say?” Or “What did
    they just say?” That person says “I didnt say anything…” Or “They didnt
    say anything” and im like I KNOW I HEARD YOU OR THEM SAY SOMETHING, I KNOW

  2. Zechary Conley says:

    yah i can predict the future! now i’m gonna say that the world will end in
    the year 5e+6, which techlically means no end of the world! YEEEEEEEH!

  3. Alexia Gaskill says:

    That was not unexpected… I already knew I could predict the future, it’s
    more of a see the future thing though. I dream it then it happens, it could
    be just a scene or a full on “actually its not her, because its actually
    her and she doesnt even know it yet SO WHY DID SHE LIE ABOUT HIM ;-; ahem,
    yeah” then they would be like: You okay?
    This actually runs in the family, one of my cousins can tell when people
    will die in her dreams, and one of my other cousins has the same thing as
    me, except it hurts for her and it feels nice for me.. I wonder why…WOW I

  4. Sara .Cutee says:

    what if i can see a particular number in everything like clouds,coffee…??

  5. Husky GamersonHD says:

    I can see into the future so like lotto 4 dayz

  6. Kittyphinex says:

    Weird I get dreams sometimes of what is going to happen and the next day or
    week it happens and yet i got i can read minds? Welp I have heard things
    from my sister that she doesn’t say o.o

  7. Dalia El-barbarawi says:

    It’s impossible to move stuff with your mind that’s not common sense

  8. Gordon Xavier says:

    I always enjoy these videos! I talk about similar stuff on my page and
    really enjoy hearing it from other perspectives. Come check out my channel
    if you get some time!

    Great video!!!

  9. Rainbow "Loyal" Dash says:

    I think of something and the next thing u know im doing it its like dafuq..
    and I hear my name being called randomly

  10. Asayo Yokoyama says:

    I answered the questions as good as I can but I think I did something
    wrong.. Damn.. I can feel and read other people’s emotions on them when
    they are around me, on photographs, videos and by only hearing their voice
    on the phone as well. But I cannot read thoughts like hearing something but
    nobody said something. It’s more of a quiet thing, sometimes I can think of
    the topic of their thoughts but not clear sentences for example. I also
    used to have dreams of the future a lot. I dreamed of things that happened
    in my dream and it happened in the future for real. I was freaked out by
    this first but it became less and weaker until I wouldn’t notice it
    anymore. I also sense spirits around me from time to time. Something
    lightly moves, like my blanket together with a part of the matress like
    someone sits down there. As well I can hear voices speaking to me sometimes
    but not inside my head but right beside my ears. Sometimes there is a male
    voice whispering or hissing something, but not in an angered way, and
    sometimes it is a female voice screaming and yelling in rage. At least it
    sounds like this but I never understand what they are saying. As well I was
    at a friends home for a few days and it was in summer time. The heat almost
    wasn’t bearable, so I slept in the hallway on the floor because they had a
    stone plate floor and the plates were nicely cool. When I was lying there,
    it was in the middle of the night, maybe around 2 am to 4 am, I can’t
    remember because I had my phone with me but did not watch the time, I
    suddenly heard two male voices. They seem to have a talk with each other, I
    couldn’t understand what they were saying because it seemed like another
    language and it was also very rustling in a way. It kept getting louder and
    quiet again, then louder and then again went more quiet, like a sound
    that’s waving in its volume in a way, I don’t know how to describe it
    better. Well..Those things are keep happening to me and I kind of got used
    to it although I don’t really know why this keeps happening and what it
    exactly is.

  11. Austin Hensley says:

    What if you got over 500?

  12. Chantelle Freeman says:

    Starts crying

  13. Ham Chop says:

    lol no I fucking cant read minds. what a waste of time.

  14. Jasmine Gould says:

    OMG…i got 410 but i can see spirits in my house and i always look at the
    sky because there is always this weird star that i see and it moves and a
    star came out of that star and idk if i’m going crazy or something! And if
    you have 100-170 you can see spirits or a faded image of this dog in my
    house just looking at me and i always want to touch it but i’m scared it
    will run away. i can also hear ppl say i’m sad but i say why and they are
    like why what and i’m like nvm! All this time i thought i was crazy.

  15. D Brown says:

    I wonder if I can train myself to get the power to move objects around me.
    Also can those people move themselves?

  16. Christy Justice says:


  17. NadoushLoves1D says:

    I just heard somebody thinking “This is ridiculous”.

  18. Adam stewart says:

    Hey,my score was 340,but I dont have that ability!My real ability is to see
    ghosts and souls of people,even dead people.ive lived with a ghost all my
    life that follows me!

  19. Angela Tsang says:

    I got 360 points… fits, once I was thinking about sitting near the
    window reading a book and 10 mins later I was reading a book near the
    window and I was like “Hmm…. this seems familiar….” 

  20. Johannah91 says:

    I have the ability to feel the emotions of the people around me? really?

  21. Creepy Aradia Megido says:

    HOLY CRAP :O I always here my brother say something but when I ask he says
    no and I have a question is it possible that your soul can leave your body
    but its still alive???? Because once I saw my own body about to fall of my
    bed and I saw something next to me 

  22. MSPgalz says:

    i actually can predict the future i have a dream and it comes true 0_0

  23. Grace WuzHere says:

    I can predict the future!!!!

  24. rosacute jenniely says:

    I can read thoughts! Creepy! I always be like What did you say?!?!? And
    answer: UHHH NOTHNG? You trippin man… and I be like no, no…. Now I
    know! ha! Jokes on them, I read minds! Bammm!

  25. RachelArtist says:

    I can feel the emotions of people around me. Come to think of it, maybe I

  26. Gordon Xavier says:

    Hey everybody! If you are interested in deep thought, spirituality, lucid
    dreaming, or meditation you should come check my YouTube channel out! Many
    people find the information I share useful!! Much love and thanks. =)

    Great video!!

  27. Simonne says:

    6:07 the skeptic mentions that people who read tarot cards are psychic, and
    he’s wrong. Anyone can read tarot cards whether or not they have psychic
    abilities or not. Reading tarot cards is not specific to psychics. Also,
    astrology is often considered a psychic ability and no the fuck it’s not.
    You can learn astrology and reading tarot cards like you can learn to read
    and learn a new language. It HELPS if you listen to your intuition or have
    psychic abilities, but it’s not something that most do.

  28. Oman HS says:

    I believe psychics exist… but I believe the majority are nothing but a
    bunch of money hungry degenerate liars. Especially the ones that go on TV,
    but I think the worst have to be those assholes that pretend to talk to
    loved ones or try and solve cases.

    They’re either cold readers or delusional. Nothing more. I think only a
    selected few experience something truly paranormal, and surely it isn’t
    through will alone.

  29. Zinnie988 says:

    Power politics will spin even more out of control if psychic abilities get
    proven. Society will suffocate when people with psychic abilities get
    gathered and abilities get replicated/programmed trained into personnels
    and deployed like security cameras everywhere around the world. While such
    abilities are great gifts to people ordinarily to help us get closure and
    better understanding of our life purpose, it is best that this ability does
    not become a ‘technology’ as it can be abused and directed.

  30. Bonnie The Bunny says:

    I found out that i am psychic too. I am now 10 and i keep getting weird
    images. I once had a dream, a strange one that kept showing clips of 4
    seconds. I saw my friend, then i saw her laughing, then i saw her shock and
    then it blanked out. Then i heard screams, and then i woke up. I was…
    VEEERY tired. When i got to school, i ( Of course ) fall asleep. When i
    woke up, what i saw, was horrible. I suddenly saw everything burning, and i
    heard screams. I screamed; ,,NO!” and then i saw myself in my time again.
    And… the teacher didn’t like my scream though. XD so.. yeah.. she send me
    to the hall. When everyone was about to go home, my teacher asked me why i
    was so unrespectfull. I said: ,,No, teacher! It wasn’t on purpose. You see,
    i keep getting strange images.”
    The teacher believed me. After school i sensed fire, brightly burning so
    hard. So i got to the Office (police office ) and i told them. Next day
    noyone was allowed to go to school. Guess what?! Next day, my mom saw (on a
    newspaper) some HORRIBLE news! The school (MINE SCHOOL) has sudden burned

    Well, i’m psychic. Thats what i know.

  31. Ultimate Shiny Hunterz says:

    Im part of this video (before hate roles in im NOT in the video i mean this
    video connected to me) because i can see my grand dad’s (my mom and dad’s
    dad) and its kinda scary because all around them is color but my grand dads
    are in black and white, and when they leave i instantly have to sit down
    because i get really dizzy, call me a lyre if you want but im telling the
    truth, i even see my dead dog Nico, god i miss him so much, and when im
    doing my video’s (ik not very much but i just started) i try not to notice
    them so my audience doesnt think im cray cray.

  32. Freddie Rivera says:

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  33. Bruno Jerković says:

    you can argue all you want but if u havent seen it by your own eyes,you
    wont believe it and NO ONE CAN BLAME YOU FOR THAT
    I’m not saying if it exist but if it does it’s not supernatural,but just
    not discovered even though from some theories of the world itself,it is

  34. Sonya Devi says:

    Before scientists developed various methods to test pretty much everything
    in science, they didn’t believe a lot of what we know today. What we can’t
    test yet in the paranormal realm might be proven true 500 years from now.
    Scientists in the future will look back at us and laugh because we did not
    believe. Psychics exist within every culture from ancient times to present.
    Skeptics are boring, they leave no room open in their mind for the
    possibility of the impossible. 

  35. ChopUrSuey says:

    why include the psychic horse lady.??. she didn’t even solve the case =)

  36. Salitter says:

    everything is somehow connected

  37. black4pienus says:

    Frontal lobe epilepsy often comes with ‘visions’ aka hallucinations.

  38. Barnzy Media Productions says:

    I don’t want some skeptic spitting bullshit telling me there are con men
    and women out there, I want facts why haven’t they left him out he’s only
    distorting fact with his ego leave the work to the real scientists. the
    neuroscientist was telling what she has found then the bullshit comes who
    would you believe someone that’s trying to find the truth or someone
    ranting about how people can deceive you.

  39. rroepcke says:

    The bald, fat man is repulsive. Even if he’s making good points I just
    don’t agree with him because he is foul and approaches psychics in such a
    belligerent and pig-headed manner.

  40. Mark Smith says:

    These professional skeptics are wishy washy in their theories, simply
    because they just.don’t.know!

  41. Jackyblue67 Same says:

    The evidence is there n it has been proven time and time again. I do things
    that even I can,t tell u how I do it n people always ask me the same
    question every time how do u know these things n I always have the same
    answer I don,t know I just do. Like I see dead people n when I do it,s
    always either I see them wearing what they had on when they died or what
    they where buried in n when I can tell someone what their loved ones where
    buried in n I don,t even know these people that to me should be enough
    proof but skeptics r really something else if they don,t won,t to believe
    then their not that simple.

  42. That Firefly Creative says:


  43. Evelyn Salas Avila says:

    That fat man is disgusting!!! He’s a fucking robot without brain! I can
    foresee (in my dreams), tragedies about death, specific problems in my
    family, here in my house they know they’ll have to run if I dream something
    weird, It’s like a big protection for them and for me. I write everything,
    but that power only works with my family…
    Sceptics can kiss my ass!!!

  44. Bob Cash says:

    ANYONE claiming to be phsychic is in one, or both, of only TWO states.
    1) A CON ARTIST.
    Join the campaign to stop these evil people stealing from vulnerable people.
    Email your M.P. and request the issue be raised in parliament to prohibit
    these thieves from advertising or perfoming.

  45. Scotty Chapman says:

    sounds like something out of a low selling franchise comic book. ” fell off
    my horse, Hit my head ” . NARRATOR : She then became psychic WOMAN !

  46. Jackyblue67 Same says:

    To me people that doult us are calling us liers n I really hate to be
    called a lier when I know I am not thats why I don,t tell to many people
    what I can do.

  47. blade thedemonwolf says:

    i have psychic powers but i only remember my dreams when they thing happens

  48. Frank Jesse says:

    LOL “he met the description so MAYBE HE SAW SOMETHING”… worst detective

  49. qwyzl says:

    if there really were such people as “psychics”, all the state lotteries
    would be shut down. one guess as to why.

    and I don’t want to hear that bull shit about how “psychics” aren’t allowed
    by some great and mighty super natural force or some quirk of some
    universal law to use their “abilities” to turn a profit.

    that’s like saying a great artist can only paint pictures of others and not
    of him self; or that some great musician can only compose music for some
    one else to use and not for him self. or some great warrior can only use
    his warrior abilities to defend every one else against marauding armies but
    can’t use his abilities to defend him self against a murderous burglar who
    breaks in to his home.

    if you’re “psychic” you’re “psychic” – period. you either have an ability
    or you don’t. and if you have an ability, then you can use it for your
    self as well as for others.

    and so far, there’s not one person I’ve ever known of who did any thing
    especially convincing as a so called “psychic”. they’re all a bunch of
    lying, thieving frauds. and quite wealthy, by the way – which is funny
    considering the laws of the universe supposedly don’t allow these frauds –
    oops, I mean, “psychics” – to profit off their “abilities”.

    buncha bull shit…

  50. Kyle H says:

    “Powers” there is no “Power” do to anything your only receiving,seeing and
    feeling Your not changing anything.

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